People I Follow...

When you are looking for information or tools, there is an overwhelming number of places to look. I follow these people because they have great ideas, tools to use and perspective. They are practicing educators and mentors who make a difference in my life.

Innes Kennard (NZ)>

Innes is an educator and consultant.

The man who set me off on this digital journey of tools and activities about four years ago and is still sending me wonderful ideas.

Suzie Vesper (NZ)

Suzie is passionate about digital learning and does so much for us busy teachers. She also contributes to "Interface" magazine. This is a one stop shop site that breaks tools down to age and topic appropriateness.

Jeff Utecht

An educator and consultant working out from the International School in Bangkok. He has many discussions worth following and also shows how new technologies can be used in classrooms. Very helpful and practical.

Richard Byrne

Richard has a very informative blog with technology lessons, tools and information that is very useful in classes of all ages.

Kelly Hines

I don't know where this teacher hails from, but she has great ideas.

She post really useful ideas and resources, particularly Skype information.

Susan Oxnevad -