Using Google Docs for writing - useful ideas.

This is the presentation that Jude Weavers did at an e-asTTle seminar. Makes sense.


For New Zealand teachers in particular, but useful for anyone. This site is a series of Powerpoint presentations about numeracy from EA - AM. This is very good.

Richard Byrne has put together this group of tutorials about using Google tools.

Google and Blooms - how you can use Google tools in units .

A selection of "How To.." presentations.

Richard Byrne and others have put this comprehensive book together about various web 2.0 tools and excellent descriptions of how to use them.

A very good webinar about student voice by Nick Rate,who works for Core Education, NZ

Some good questions to ask ourselves about planning our units of work.

An excellent presentation on how to give great presentations to students.

Very good booklet describing HOW to use various web 2.0 tools.

An excellent presentation about the use of Web 2.0 Tools.

Anti Smoking Presentation that won the "Slideshare" award for 2010