Inquiry Learning - Kath Murdoch

On being a successful teacher.
Get boys engaged in reading.

Remembering when to step back.

Learn how to UStream.

Formative assessment, summative learning.

Reflecting on using technology in the classroom. When it's not right, what to do?

A commentary on teaching and technology.

Jeff Utechts comment on terminology and technology.

An informative resource about different types of group learning.

A NZ teacher has made this site about Inquiry Learning - excellent!

The Flipped Classroom

An interesting graphic about technology use

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An article about teacher self reflection - very good.

A reminder about engaging students in discussion.

Interesting articles about assessment.

Good tips for dealing with low level disruptive behaviour.

Interesting article about students working in groups.

A very good article with practical help for teachers about cyber bullying in particular, but other behaviour management as well from TES Connect\

Great ideas for validating websites using Japan's earthquake as an example - teaching student to look at websites with a critical eye.

A very in depth article about plagiarism and encouraging our students to do their own fabulous work.

Formative Assessment - one teachers point of view. A good refresher of what we should be doing ( I think )

Using technology in writing and research, worth reading and revisiting.

Useful ideas for using diigo in the class.

This is a good article focussing on positive computer agreements.

This is a very good article about teachers and computers...nothing can replace great teachers...

This is a really EXCELLENT blog about using and assessing Skype in the classroom.

An excellent article promoting positive mind sets in students and encouraging them to take risks in their learning. Teachers encouraged to look at the language they use.

Guidelines for appropriate use of computers.

What we expect from our students.

A reminder about what teaching with technology is all about...don't get bogged down with what the students can't do.

Operation smile.

A group of students who went to support kids with cleft palets get operations in Thailand. This is a very moving video of one students experiences. Very moving. A great discussion topic about emotions, support, culture and needs.

Learning with technology.

This is a realistic review of how students learn and interact today.